Dream Center Academy

High School Program

“All Children Can Learn– Maybe not in the same day or the same way; but all children can learn.”- Dr. Ed Sadler, Esteemed GCS Superintendent. (1995-2006)


Dear High School Students, 

I am a proud product of Gaston County Schools and experienced Dr. Sadler’s charge of my teachers (at the time) first hand.  During my schooling here, I was blessed enough to witness the power of belief when it comes to student success and accomplishments.

Now, I consider myself even more blessed as we get to witness YOU grow and develop as empowered students who own their learning with new doors opening at every step. I learn something new from you all everyday–thank you.  

As your High School Coordinator, I am here to help you minimize barriers and actualize your goals. I am going to stand in your corner and help you see the power and magic of your beliefs as you hold yourself more accountable, climbing and reaching for higher and higher goals.  

I am proud of you and I believe in you–do you?

-Mr. McGarity


How To Apply for DCA

All DCA students participate in an application process.  DCA seeks a diverse group of students who each bring a unique and valuable perspective of Gaston to the Academy.  We look for students who show some interest or spark in school and who would benefit from an encouraging, enriching and supportive academic environment. DCA seeks families who are committed to the student’s success and are willing to fully participate in the Dream Center Academy program.  

Call For Inquiry

(980) 525 – 9080

Mail For Inquiry


Step 1:

Elementary school principals, guidance counselors and teachers nominate students.

Step 2:

Parents and students receive an application packet to complete and return.

Step 3:

DCA scores the applications.

Step 4:

Parents receive acceptance notification through US mail. 

Step 5:

An Acceptance Dinner is held for our new class of students. 





Received passing grades



Get In Touch

Location: 635 S Myrtle School Rd, Gastonia, NC 28052

Telephone: (704) 671-2254

Email: rjimison@dreamcenteracademy.com

Academy Hours: M-F 10:00am – 6:00pm