Our Staff

Who We Are

We are leaders, teachers, students, and friends.

We believe God has a plan for our lives.

We have a purpose.

Our purpose is to live, love, and give.

We will live out our purpose.

We are Dreamers, Believers, Achievers.


We are The Academy!

A Word

From Our Executive Director

” One of the core values we teach our students at the Academy is – Share Your Talents. God gave me a talent for working with children. Having the opportunity to use that talent to pour into the lives of our children as they grow to achieve their dreams is an amazing opportunity.”

– Roxann Jimison

A Word

From Our Middle School Coordinator

I am from Gaston County and I grew up in Belmont. I’ve worked with students for years in an after-school capacity  I love working with  the students here at the Dream Center. In my position as the Family Involvement Specialist that is what I most look forward to, getting to know the families of the Dream Center and hearing the stories each of them have to offer. Outside of loving working with our families and students- I love chocolate chip cookies and good laughter around a dinner table. 

– Lacy Beach


A Word

From Our High-School Coordinator


The ability to learn, and think critically about the world around us is paramount to living a life of fulfillment.  It allows us to take action and seek answers as innovators of the future world.  Since Day 1, the Dream Center has been a driving force in widening the scope of intelligence and empowering students. It continues to be a great pleasure collaborating with our students as they thrive in their studies and grow as leaders in such a short time.  I feel gravely privileged to be a part of #teamDREAM because what we have growing here makes a difference not just in the lives of our students but in the outlook of the future Gaston County community.  We’re not in it for the income, we ARE  in it for the outcome. 

-Jake Mcgarity